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Paris, 29 June, 2012 – Today was released Court decision made in Nice on 19 June 2012. The prominent Russian Businessman, Vitaly ARKHANGELSKY, 37, has obtained a very important decision in his favor from the High Court of Nice (France). Thanks to this decision, he is now a step nearer to the proof of the 750 million € fraud of which he has been the victim in 2009, orchestrated by the Bank of St. Petersburg and some high profile authorities of the St. Petersburg Region. Recently, the Court of Appeal of Aix en Provence refused for the second time to extradite the businessman considering he would not be granted a fair trial in Russia and is under a risk of inhumane treatment (i.e. torture) if he is extradited.

According to this decision, Bank of St. Petersburg’s managing staff as well as authorities that have presented forged and fraudulent documents to the Court must now be investigated by a French Criminal Investigating Judge and cannot obtain enforcement of Judgments obtained against Arkhangelsky in Russia until the Criminal Investigation has come to an end.

The Oslo Marine Group, Mr. Arkhangelsky’s Group of companies has been seeking justice before the courts of Europe as it is apparently not possible for them to overcome corrupt and malign influences operating in the courts of St. Petersburg.

Mr. Arkhangelsky, the owner of a shipping and insurance empire valued at $ 1 billion in 2008, points the finger at conspiracy and fraud involving shadowy Cypriot and BVI companies, owned and/or controlled by the Bank and/or Mr Savelyev the managing director of the Bank. These persons, it is alleged, participated in a conspiracy to expropriate assets belonging to the Oslo Marine Group, probably also in conjunction with the Governor of St Petersburg and an ally of Vladimir Putin, Mrs. Valentina Matvienko, as well as the chief of police, Mr Piotrovsky. Mrs. Matvienko is presently Speaker of Federation Council, the upper chamber of Russia's Parliament.

In these proceedings, the Arkhangelskys claim, amongst other things, damages in conspiracy and fraud for the wrongful expropriation of their group’s assets. The assets in question, an insurance company and a shipping terminal, were seized in 2008 by the bank in a dispute over a loan.

In 2009 Arkhangelsky fled to France fearing arrest in a police probe. Since then, he has been granted asylum in France and two attempts of the Russian Aithorities to get him and his family extradited to Russia were unsuccessful.

Earlier last year, Mr. Arkhangelsky filed a criminal complaint with the Principal Investigating Judge of the Court of Nice alleging that the Bank of St. Petersburg’s director and a group of unidentified persons have falsified documents in an attempt to seize his property in France (see:

As part of that campaign the Bank, Mr. Savelyev and the other co-conspirators, probably also in conjunction with the Governor of St Petersburg, Mrs Matvienko, and the chief of police, Mr Piotrovsky, using the “administrative resources” at their command, entered into a conspiracy, amongst other things, to fabricate a criminal case against Mr. Arkhangelsky using documents and seals removed from their offices and belonging to the Group companies, by police officers that seem to have acted on the direct instruction of Mrs Matvienko/Mr Piotrovsky. Mr. Arkhangelsky is convinced that the fabrication of that criminal case is part of the conspiracy which is personally directed by Mrs. Matvienko.

“ We are determined to bring those responsible for the conspiracy to defraud us and our Group to justice leaving no stone unturned in that process”, said Mr. Arkhangelsky. - I intend to pursue all of the wrongdoers in whatever jurisdiction is open to me”.

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