Monday, October 22, 2012

Press-release: Julia Arkhangelskaya and her young children were assaulted in Nice (France)

Nice 21, October 2012
The offender was hiding in the back scales near Julia Arkhangelsky’s flat in Nice and assaulted her when she was opening the door. The Public Prosecutor’s office of Nice deals with the case. Mr. and Mrs. Arkhangelsky are convinced that the Bank St Petersburg, their management and lawyers are behind this new episode of harassment they have been living since 2009, as long as they have no other enemies.
This is the second criminal case against them. The file of the first criminal case, which is being investigated since about one and a half year by the First Investigating judge of the Tribunal de Grande Instance (High Court) of Nice, is kept confidential. This case has been initiated against a group of people, among which owners and managers of the Bank St Petersburg, for using forged documents in judicial procedures in order to unlawfully mislead courts and obtain judgment enabling them to misappropriate Arkhangelsky’s valuable properties. The Criminal Code of the French Republic provides for up to 10 years imprisonment and a fine of € 1.000.000 for such crimes. Alexander Savelyev seems to use all his best efforts in order to avoid being interrogated by the French Investigating judge.
The Court of Nice has already interrogated certain managers of the Bank St Petersburg including Savelyev’s Deputy Konstantin Balandin. The file counts at this stage about 5000 pages. Vitaly Arkhangelsky’s lawyers expect that the Court will release letters rogatory in order to obtain, from Russian authorities to bring Savelyev’s for interrogation before the Court of Nice.

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