Monday, June 4, 2012

The corruption of the chiefs of Saint Petersburg Bank

Written by IACC   
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 11:23
The director of Saint Petersburg Bank, Aleksands Savelyev and two of his deputies – Irina Malysheva and Konstantin Balandin have been included in the list of the corrupt.

Proof of their complicity is presented by Vitalij Arkhangelsky, owner of the Oslo Marine Group. He states that the management of Saint Petersburg Bank have, for the last three years been engaged in the destruction of his business and have instigated a criminal case against him, which is fabricated.

Having studied the available documents, the International Anti-Corruption Committee has concluded, that they contain sufficient evidence for commencing an investigation of a corruption case involving Savelyev, Malysheva and Balandin. They have all been included in the list of the corrupt and the IAAC has begun gathering evidence as to their participation in corrupt schemes.

Once our lawyers have gathered all the evidence, this corruption case will be turned over to the European community, with demands to prohibit these people from entering civilised countries.
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