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Matvienko – Saveyiev links

Re : Matvienko – Saveyiev links© "Izvestia" (Moscou), 06.07.2006

Vladimir Kozhin, Valentina Matvienko and her son Sergey at the game

(…) earlier, the newspapers informed that Matvienko and his partners, Lukoil Eesti’s General Director Evgueny Bolshakov and Saint-Petersburg’s Bank important shareholder Alexandre Savelyev acquired an island for an investment project.(…) …

(…) now that Matvienko keeps strong positions in Smolny as well as in Kremlin, all the business which does not share the official politics is progressively leaving the city.© "", 15.11.2006, Photo: "The Komsomolskaya Pravda"

Valentina Matvienko’s son became a European citizen
Valentina Matvienko’s son Sergey obtained a residence permit in Estonia
In five years, he’ll be able to become a citizen of the European Union
Dmitry Vinorgadov
According to the Postimees newspaper, in 2005, Matvienko, together with Lukoil Eesti’s General Director Evgueny Bolshakov and the Saint-Petersburg Bank’s important shareholder Alexandre Savelyev acquired a scenic island on the Pirita River, not far from Lagedi.  Matvienko, Savelyev and Bolshakov founded SMB Invest company (Bolshakov is its General Director and Matvienko is a member of the Board of Directors) which will build in the island surfacing up to 10 ha eight houses for influent Russian businessmen.  SMB Invest’s top managers will get three of these houses. (…)

The next SMB Invest’s step will be opening a helicopter line between Tallin and Pulkovo airport.  For this purpose, they will acquire French or American helicopters for 15 passengers each which will ensure daily flight between the two cities.
Igor Kovrigin, lawyer, St Petersburg : « Now, this is not corruption, this is a system ».

I, Kovrigin Igor, am forced t stay outside the Russian Federation. I’m the director of an institution accredited by the Federal State Property management Agency and buy the Federal Service of Bailiff of Justice. (…)

(…) In August 2009, I was invited by St Petersburg Bank (…) The director of this Bank, Mr Savelyev, is close to the governor of St Petersburg Valentina Matvienko, friend of Ilya Klebanov, the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the North-Western region, i.e. this is an «domestic» bank, servicing de facto the Mayor’s office of St Petersburg, Putin and all these persons. 

Re: Savelyev – Rotenberg brothers links

September 14, 2011, 6:30
Latest update on September 14, 2011 at 10:04
The Bank of St Petersburg is designated for the all-Russian future

The change of power in St Petersburg may result in the change of the ownership of the largest eponymously named regional bank.  As “The Kommersant” wrote on Wednesday, the “Russia” Bank controlled by a businessman Yury Kovaltchuk may become a potential purchaser of the “Saint-Petersburg” Bank.

«In April and May this year, active negotiations have been carried out with Rotenberg brothers (who control “Severny Morskoy Put” Bank – SMP Bank). There expressed their interest in purchasing the asset but, as far as I know, the parties did not come to the agreement about the proportion of the part to be sold”. The purchasers expressed their interesting buying a controlling part, whereas Mr Savelyev was only ready to sell not more than 40%”, - he said.

56,43% of shares of St. Petersburg Bank are owned by its top-managers including Alexandre Savelyev who is the chairman of the Board and the major shareholder. He owns directly 29,91% of the shares. He also controls 3,68% of the Bank’s shares via «Malvest Investments Limited» company.  This company owns 19,36% of St Petersburg Bank’s shares and Savelyev has an option to purchase the total of this share. In addition, he owns 0,25% of the Bank’s shares via « Issardi Holdings Limited ».  26,32% are available in free circulation. The remaining part is owned by five shareholders each of which owning not more than 8. 8%.
«The Bank was closely connected with the former city administration and its governor Valentina Matvienko which dismissed in August; and it is not clear what relationships will be established with the new officials. This is one of the main reasons to negotiate the sale of shares»,- said « Kommersant »’s interlocutory close to St Petersburg Bank. (…)
The ex-governor’s son Sergey Matvienko has been working in the Bank for almost ten years (…) and he left the Bank last summer and kept 4,12% of shares in his ownership. Alexander Savelyev always emphasized that the Bank does not use the support of the city and attracts resources in market conditions.
23/04/2011 — 00:00
Rotenberg brothers capture one more state-owned enterprise
According to our source in the management of “Russian Fuel Company” OJSC (« Rossiyskaya Toplivnaya Kompaniya ») institutions owned by Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, “SMP Bank” OJSC and “Nord Expeditional Petroleum” company are preparing a raiders capture of the state-owned “Russian Fuel Company” OJSC («Rostoprom» OJSC) via its bankruptcy.
Being aware of Rotenberg brothers’ reputation and possibilities it may be supposed that a new important piece of state-owned assets will complete their fuel and energy empire.
Rotenberg brother’s empire has been built fast and was marked by a numbers of scandals. It includes important state-owned and private companies. They act according to a tough and well-developed scheme, unpunished because of close links with the first persons of the Russian state; they are parasitizing the captures assets.
Re: Savelyev – Sliozberg links
© solomin, 19.05.2009
New Criminal Favourites of Smolny
The trial over one of the most famous “influential businessmen” Vladimir Kumarin (Barsukov) started in Moscow.  Please be reminded that, two years ago, four “groups of raiders” were broken up in St Petersburg. This allowed the city authorities to proclaim that there is no more raiders in the city. However, some stars of raiding have not only avoided the arrest but even strengthened their positions.

(…) in 2007, only one raider, the head of the forth group, Mikhail Sliozberg managed to escape in a mysterious way. He went to Israel just in time.(…)

Since 2007 the businessman is on the international wanted list. Even though his residence is known, it looks as Mr Sliozberg feels quite sure in the Promised Land. (…)

(…) the main Mr Sliozberg’s partner, Pavel Krupnik (…) did not escape and it looks as if he does not worry at all. In July 2008, he was appointed as a counsellor of the Vice-Governor Alla Manilova and he controls the outdoor advertising in St Petersburg. 

They say that the main reason for the growing influence of the partners is a close acquaintance of Misha Kupchinsky [T’sN: alias of Mikhail Sliozberg] with the head of Saint-Petersburg Bank Alexandre Savelyev (..). Since long ago, evil tongues has called this bank « the governor’s family purse ».  In fact, Alexander Savelyev is Valentina Matvienko’s old friend, and the governor’s son was a shareholders and an employee of the Bank.  Probably, our men have got acquainted with the governor’s son via the banker.  It is not for nothing that, in the shadow business circles, they said that Sliozberg-Krupnik tandem has been dramatically increasing its influence since Valentina Matvienko acceded to the St Petersburg Mayor’s Office.  The connection to the most important family of St Petersburg opened a lot of doors and allowed to feel safe.

In October 2011, St Petersburg Bank’s shares achieved a record growth of 40%. This is linked with the fact that Yury Kovalchuk, a businessman of the close circle of the future President Valadimir Putin is carrying out negotiations for the purchase of the bank. This is not the only serious success of the bank’s management. As Rusmafia’s reporters found out, due to their efforts, the investigator of the Investigation Committee of the Russian federation Oleg Pipchenkov has been called back from the Northern capital.  He was investigating all the famous cases; it was he who sent to prison the “night governor” of St Petersburg Vladimir Barsukov. 

(…) While investigating on the capture of FPK, Pipchenkov began to approach Vladislav Piotrovky who, at that time, was still the Head of the Home Affaires Administration for Saint-Petersburg and the region of Leningrad (he was dismissed from the Ministry of Home Affaires in summer 2011) and who beneficiated the support of the governor Valentina Matvienko.  The capture of FPK was incriminated directly to two persons, the head of the city UBOP Vladimir Sych and the “influent” Mikhail Sliozberg (alias Misha Kupchinsky); Pipchenkov entered into the details of Kupchinsky’s activities and found out that, in early 2000, the “influent man” closely cooperated with St Petersburg Bank.

(…) In particular, the man took part in the appropriation of a number of companies « on order ». It was not without him that the bank obtained control over the Arsenal OJSC. (…)
As concerns the investigation of Arsenal’s capture, the case has been transferred to the North-West Administration of the Investigation Committee where it is dying slowly and will be definitely closed soon.

(…) The FPB(Frunzenskaya Fruit and Vegetable Complex) case attracted a particular attention since it allowed to imply personally Vladislav Piotrovsky and the main banker of St Petersburg Alexander Savelyev, the shareholder and the head of St Petersburg Bank, potentially interested in the capture. 
The FPB was owned by aged businessman Semen Abramovith Shubik. Then it was captured by Sliozberg’s men. Shubik managed (…) to meet the head of the city police Vladislav Piotrovsky (…) who sent the victim to (…) Sych and promised that the latter will clear it out. And the above scheme has worked.
Such’s subordinates took Shubik’s signatures on two pages “for an expert evidence”, and Misha Kuptchinsky’s lawyers printed out contracts on these pages.

Re: other criminal cases concerning St Petersburg Bank and Raids in St Petersburg

© "Vedomosti", 28.11.2003,
Investigation is not an obstacle. Vitaly Riabov moved from Alpha-Bank to Bank Saint-Petersburg. .
Vassily Kudinov, Anna Scherbakova, Elena Berezanskaya
By the way, Victor Krotov, who headed the financial committee in the government of Vladimir Yakovlev, is a counsellor of the head of the Board of Saint-Petersburg Bank.    In 2002, the North-Western direction of the General Public Prosecutor’s Office initiated criminal proceedings against Krotov, who has been suspected of abuse of his position. (…)
The former head of St Petersburg Branch of Alpha-Bank Vitaly Rriabov, who left this bank in the height of the investigation of unlawful VAT recovery by his clients; is employed as a Deputy Chairman of the Board of Saint-Petersburg Bank. Sergey Matvienko, the son of St Petersburg governor, will be one of his colleagues. According of the experts, this bank’s affaires will now run smoothly.
Anatomy Serdukov : at the service of the family
(..) As the Head of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, Anatoly Serdukov appointed Sergey Markevitch as a Director of the inter-district Tax Inspection N° 15 in Saint-Petersburg. It was through this inspection that raiders’ captures of (T’sN : a list of 9 companies follows) have been formalized. Three agents of this inspection have been sentenced to 6 to 8,5 years imprisonment.   Sergey Markevitch has not been accused. He has been promoted to the position of the Director of the Federal Tax Service in the Region of Samara and he worked there until 2011.  .

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